Identify potential partners

Our association is closely linked to the resources of our respective environments and each of us is able, in our own way, to establish relationships with companies, services, stores and institutions that contribute to our everyday well-being.

In the context of our development challenge, we are focusing on member participation to reach out to other persons and/or suppliers who accept to take part in developing the Association des Blais.

The next page is just for that: for members to identify persons, companies, stores and institutions that could give us a hand.

Yes, I’m in!


L'Association des Blais d'Amérique

Founded on October 15, 1999, the Association des Blais d'Amérique aims to gather together, as in a large family, the greatest possible number of Pierre Blais’ descendants, those who, directly or by marriage, come from our ancestor Pierre Blais and one of his two wives Anne Perrot and Élisabeth Royer.


  • Regroup persons interested in history and Blais genealogy.
  • Organize activities fostering links between members.
  • Develop and manage family archives.


  •  Publication: The Journal des Blais
  • Collection: The Cahier des Blais
  • Biography data sheets of members
  • Blais promotional articles
  • Blais genealogy help
  • Genealogical ascendancy

During the past 15 years, the Association des Blais d’Amérique has gathered more than 700 persons who have been or still are valuable ambassadors regrouping Blais around activities and quality services.