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Loup solitaire : Un mercenaire québécois pleure le Viêt-nam

Book proposed by Jean-Marc Blais, M-256 (in French only)

by Pierre Blais (Author)
vlb éditeur, Oct 8, 1991 - 388 pages

The author, Pierre Blais, was born in 1947. He is the son of Roger Blais M-159 and Louise Bellavance M-309, then residents of Dorval, and now deceased.

The book, published in 1991, is an autobiographical novel by a Quebecer who, in 1967, decides to leave for the United States and enlist in the American army to wage the war in Vietnam. To better understand what he went through and to keep his sanity, as forgetting is impossible, Pierre decided to write his experience and reveal his secrets, so that we may share with him this heavy burden, legacy of an unfair war.

When the book was published, Gérald LeBlanc, a La Presse journalist, wrote: “Pierre Blais' testimony is unique. He is the only one to link, in a brilliant and disturbing way, his personal drama, his Franco-Quebec clan, and the American war empire.”

Jean-Marc Blais, M-256

Alice Lorange ~ Magical Girl Autiste 

(Bilingual Edition – french-english)

by Mia Blais-Côté (Author)
Flames Creations, Nov. 10 2020 - 262 pages


Mia Blais-Côté, born in 1989, is a Quebecer. She lives in Sept-Îles and was diagnosed with autism (ASD) at the age of 18. This caused a lot of change in her life, but it didn't affect her love of video games and writing. After an unsuccessful career on the Steam platform, from August 2017 to July 2020, as an independent developer of interactive and linear visual novels, Mia Blais-Côté turned to a market much better suited to express her creativity and her full potential, namely the book market. “Alice Lorange ~ Autistic Magical Girl” her first novel, is an amalgamation of several of her old visual novels. It introduces the fascinating world of autism, while offering an entertaining adventure.


I am Alice Lorange. I am not a teenager like the Others. Yes, I did say Others, with a big O. In this world, there is the Others and me. After having a demented nightmare, I am now in a strange house. In the heart of the Unknown. The Unknown... The Others... Being autistic is not easy! Bilingual edition! Discover Alice Lorange's story in original French and English.

I Had A Father: A Post-modern Autobiography 

Book suggested to us by his daughter Marilyn Vennel

by Clark Blaise  (Author)
Da Capo Press, apr. 20th 1993 - 204 pages


Canadian author Clark Blaise is a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop at the University of Iowa and was the director of the International Writing Program. He was one of the founders of the Montreal Story Tellers Fiction Performance Group. In 2009, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada and was the founder of the post-graduate program in creative writing at Concordia University. He is married to internationally acclaimed Indian American author Bharati Mukherjee.


I Had a Father is a prize-winning novelist's journey in search of an elusive parent.
Who is Lee R. Blaise? Furniture salesman of Montreal, Florida, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Springfield, Missouri, Manchester, New Hampshire, Hartford; drinker; Rotarian glad-hander; boxer and singer and sociopath; rampant lover; and perhaps genius.
Even now, Blaise writes, "I don't know if my father was sane or disturbed, a victim or a killer. I don't even know if I am his only child." He brings to his journey a novelist's eye, a detective's methodology, and an evocation of place unparalleled in modern letters.