More than 50% of the members of the Association of the Blais gathered in the Bois-Francs under the unifying theme "Y’A DE LA JOIE". Coordination by Adeline Blais and her team produced great results and the Blais, from Quebec, Ontario and the United States, participated actively.

The celebration of the mass in the morning, dinner at the Arthabaska Community Centre, excursions on the Mount Arthabaska and in the streets of Victoriaville, parlor games, the General Assembly, the Blais brotherhood meal and animation at the end, all created good memories reminding the Blais that an annual gathering is an important event for our Association.

The gathering also allowed us to pay tribute to Lucille Blais for her significant involvement over the past 10 years. Judging by the positive comments overheard, it appears that the next years will be the scene of many happy reunions for the descendants of Pierre Blais, our ancestor.

Our sincere thanks to all members of the Organizing Committee who devoted quite a lot of time and energy to make this annual event a success for the Blais.

Normand Blais, M-253

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